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Discover our extensive range of outdoor aluminium bench seats, designed to meet the highest standards of durability and comfort. Ideal for parks, public spaces, and commercial venues, our outdoor bench seating options offer long-lasting quality and functionality. Browse our collection to find the right seating solution for your outdoor space.  

Outdoor Aluminium Seating Customisation Options 

Want the perfect outdoor aluminium bench seating? Please understand these factors to help us design the bench seats that complement your outdoor space and fulfil your requirements.  

Seat Finishes 

  • Plain anodised. Opt for the classic and sleek look of plain anodised aluminium outdoor bench seating. Its corrosion-resistant surface ensures durability even in harsh outdoor conditions.  
  • Snow gum finish. If you desire a more natural and rustic appearance on your bench seats, consider a snow gum finish. This finish mimics the beauty of wood while maintaining the benefits of aluminium, such as longevity and low maintenance  
  • Western red cedar finish. For a warm and inviting touch, western red cedar-finished aluminium outdoor bench seating offers the charm of wood with the added advantages of aluminium, like resistance to rot and insects.

Colour Options  

We offer various powder-coated options for our aluminium outdoor bench seats. Powder-coated legs and caps provide a protective layer that levels up the aesthetics and durability of the seats. Your options include:  

  • Anodic silver 
  • Black gloss 
  • Blaze blue 
  • Claret 
  • Flame red 
  • Heritage green 
  • Mistletoe 
  • Orange X15 
  • Pearl white 
  • Plain 
  • Safety yellow 
  • Space blue 

Height Choices 

The right height makes your bench seats comfortable and functional. Here are your height options for outdoor aluminium bench seating:  

  • Infant (300 mm). Infant (300 mm). Ideal for daycare centres and early learning environments.  
  • School/Primary (350 mm). School/Primary (350 mm). Comfortable seating for primary school settings.  
  • School/Secondary (400 mm). School/Secondary (400 mm). Designed for older students in secondary schools or community areas.  
  • Adults (450 mm). Adults (450 mm). Standard adult seating height for parks, gardens, and public spaces.  

Length Options

Outdoor aluminium bench seating comes in various lengths to accommodate different seating requirements. Whether you need a compact bench seat or a lengthy one, our options range from 1 metre to 6 metres.  

Fitting Options 

Seats so good you wouldn’t want anyone just picking them up and walking away. Choose the right fitting option for your outdoor aluminium seating. Your options are:  

  • Bolt down. Perfect for hard surfaces like concrete or pavement, bolt-down seating offers stability and security.  
  • Concrete in. When you need a permanent seating solution, concrete-in fittings are a robust and long-lasting choice. 
  • Freestanding. For flexibility in placement and easy relocation, freestanding aluminium seating is an excellent option.