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BAB Aluminium grandstands come with cyclone rated and engineer certified warranties for up to 20 years. BAB Aluminium is a long standing aluminium seating and aluminium grandstands manufacturer to many organisations across Australia and for overseas clients also.

BAB Aluminium supplies aluminium grandstands for council grandstands, school grandstand seating and grandstand seating across Australia for sporting clubs.

Our Aluminium grandstands are used by schools for their outdoor school seating needs, by councils for their grandstand needs in public parks and recreation areas and by many sporting organisations that require aluminium grandstand solutions. Aluminium grandstands come in standard sizes and are manufactured in custom sizes depending on the aluminium grandstand needs.

BAB Aluminium Grandstands make use of your existing infrastructure to provide extremely cost effective and low maintenance permanent spectator seating for large numbers of people. Utilizing natural or manmade amphitheatres, concrete or natural banks BAB Aluminium Spectator seating is custom made for your situation. Simply contact us for details on how BAB Aluminium can improve your venue.

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