BAB Aluminium

Aluminium Outdoor Bench Seats

$197.00$532.00 plus GST

Plain Anodised
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Outdoor seating

BAB Aluminium seating systems have been seen for decades across schools and parks throughout the Asia-Pacific region and today are a valued part of Outdoor furniture assets. Our Clients include schools around Australia such as St Joseph’s College Sydney (Joeys), ACGS Brisbane (Churchie’s), Brighton College Melbourne, Scotch Oakburn College Launceston amongst many others, BAB Aluminum seating is the yardstick for quality, affordable seating. BAB Aluminium seating is also used extensively in theme and recreation parks in Australasia such as the world famous Sydney Taronga Park Zoo and Dreamworld on the Gold Coast of Australia. For our International guests, BAB Aluminium seats can be found in the US Embassy in Singapore. BAB Aluminium Seats are low cost, maintenance free and with normal use will provide decades of cost effective service.
1.5m Seat 3 Adults
2m Seat 4 Adults
3m Seat 6 Adults
4m Seat 8 Adults
6m Seat 12 Adults