BAB Aluminium

About BAB Aluminium

Australian-owned, operated and fiercely proud of its history, BAB Aluminium is a genuine Australian success story.

Established by Brian Blowes, BAB manufactures and supplies high-quality aluminium seating and setting solutions for a range of industries from schools to large-scale sporting stadiums.

Growing in scale, quality and range over the past 40 years, the BAB name has become synonymous with not only with quality, but through its consultative client approach, the development and implementation of seating solutions that meet and indeed, exceed client expectations.

Across Australia, the UK, south pacific and Asia, BAB has firmly established its name as an industry leader. From minor repairs to major projects – the same care is taken regardless of a client’s size.

The BAB product offering has also expanded with its industry growth. Now the manufacturer of aluminum benches, individual and stackable chairs and fully integrated bench settings, their range can meet the needs of almost any project.

Their industry reach is extensive. Including schools, councils, clubs and government departments, they have extensive experience and can met the needs of businesses from small operations to multi-national organisations.

Located in central Sydney, BAB’s distribution network is well-established ensuring timely delivery of product regardless of a client’s location.

Why buy from BAB?

We bring 40 years of manufacturing experience to each project. We understand what our products will be subjected to on a daily basis and develop products that can not only meet these demands, but know they will continue to look good and provide secure and comfortable seating in the long term.

To make this happen we employ the very best raw materials in our manufacturing process. Indeed, as the original manufacturer of globally recognised ALCAN (now Capral), aluminium seating solutions, our reputation has always been measured by the seat of our clients’ pants!

Beyond the talk, our products are fully backed with industry leading warranty and certification giving clients peace-of-mind with product use and, if needed, on-going service.

  • Products manufactured by BAB are covered by a 20-year Warranty
  • Products manufactured by BAB are covered by a Structural Certificate (AS:1170.1)
  • Products manufactured by BAB are covered by a Cyclone Rating (AS:1170.2-2011)


Aluminium grandstands

Our grandstands set the standard in aluminium seating construction. Across major sporting venues, schools and public recreation areas, the BAB name is trusted to provide safe, secure and cost-effective seating for multiple people for multiple years!

Cyclone rated and with engineer certified warranties for up to 20 years, our clients enjoy certainty with BAB aluminium grandstand products.

Standard or custom sizes and designs, we work in consultation with our clients to develop solutions that are not only the very best option for their project, but ensure cost and budget management is a priority throughout the project.

Where appropriate, we utilise existing client infrastructure to provide more cost effective outcomes for the grandstand. We have utilised and leveraged natural and man-made amphitheatres, concrete and natural banks and in doing so, have designed the aluminium grandstand components to best meet the project requirements while saving substantial costs.