BAB Aluminium

Spectator Seating Grandstands - Tuggerah NSW


Tuggerah is a suburb on the Central Coast region of New South Wales, the Sydney-Newcastle Freeway and approximately 90 km north of Sydney.


The Tuggerah Oval sporting fields required seating capacity for spectators to minimise standing on the sidelines and also offering them an unobstructed view of the event. The seating also had to be comfortable, durable, non-rusting and look good for years to come. A big ask!


To meet these needs BAB Aluminium recommended GS 1 6m 4-tier aluminium grandstands. The grandstands came with individual footrests (avoiding spectators placing their feet on the seating row in front). The tiered nature of the stands also allowed spectators to be comfortably seated and have an unobstructed view of the event. Pre-erected, the stands were dropped in situ and with space between each to provide easy access in and out for spectators.


Now providing a much more comfortable and greater viewing experience, the aluminium grandstands are manufactured to be low maintenance, handle the outdoor weather with no rusting or appreciable wear and to handle the rough and tumble of the spectators.

Client name: Tuggerah Oval

Project name: GS1 4-tiered aluminium grandstand seating

Project location: Tuggerah, NSW