BAB Aluminium

St Mary's Cathedral Sydney School Seating - Sydney


Rooftop Outdoor Student Recreation Area flooring and tables were dilapidated and had became dangerous. This meant that the area had became unusable and had highly restricted access.


BAB Aluminium as a leading Australian manufacturer was well known to the business manager who was a customer from a previous school.

The business manager had used BAB in previous schools she had worked at and knew BAB Aluminium would provide the perfect seating solution. She contacted us in Nov 22 to look at replacing the tables.

The College decided the WRC and black T2000L tables would seat the optimum number of students plus be an attractive and long-lasting addition. As St Mary’s has a prestigious brand the school’s assets value had to the improved. Hence the quality and look and feel of the table settings were needed to be perfect. In addition a new ‘soft play’ flooring was installed in Decemember2022 by a specialist flooring company.


BAB manufactured the tables prior to Christmas and had them ready to install after the soft play floor was completed. The project could only be achieved by entering the Cathedral grounds next door and using our crane truck, lifting the components onto the level where they were needed. The BAB team then carried all the components through the college and assembled them on the rooftop soft play flooring.

The installation was completed in one morning with little disruption to the Cathedral or College the week before Term 1 began.

Client name: St Mary’s Cathedral Sydney

Project name: School Seating

Project location: Sydney, New South Wales’