BAB Aluminium

Aluminium Table Settings T1000

$942.00$1,548.00 plus GST

BAB Aluminium Table Settings are designed to join small groups of people together. Our Aluminium Table Settings are ideal for school class projects, playground lunches, outdoor passive area or a family BBQ lunch in the park.

  1. Choose your Finish
  2. Choose your Colour
  3. Choose your Size
  4. Choose your Length
  5. Choose your Height
  6. Choose your Fitting option (where applicable)
Plain Anodised
Snow Gum
Western Red Cedar
Black Gloss
Flame Red
Heritage Green
Pearl White
Safety Yellow
Silver Pearl
Space Blue
Infant 300mmInfant 300mmSchool / Secondary 400mmSchool / Secondary 400mmAdults / Standard 450mmAdults / Standard 450mm
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