Custom Buddy bench - any combination

Custom Buddy bench - any combination


Buddy Bench seat backrests have anti graffiti surface finishes to prevent lettering peel off. And to prevent any fouling on your backrests from graffiti.

When children feel lonely.

If School Children are by themselves they simply walk over to the BAB Buddy Bench and take a seat. A designated student will then take the appropriate action to engage with the child on the Buddy Bench and commence a conversation and remove the isolation that child has.

The Buddy Bench is also ideal for children to sort out their conflicts. It can act as a peace area where kids can retreat too. And then begin the conflict resolution process. The Buddy Bench give school children a focal point for better school community and better individual esteem removing concealed negative feelings.

Order your Buddy Bench for your school to make a positive move for your school playground environment.

The BAB Buddy Bench is available in the range of colours of our stackable seats and comes in all the sizes of our Aluminium seats.

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