Double Seats

Double Seats
$364.00 plus GST

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$364.00 plus GST


Aluminium Seats
Double Aluminium Seat

The BAB Aluminium Double Aluminium seat is the perfect choice for those situations where extra seating room is needed or where there isn’t the space to install a full size platform. The double aluminium seat is the ideal choice for change rooms, sports locations, public transport stations and anywhere where extra seating and storage is needed.

Wet Areas

Swimming pools change rooms are notorious for getting your clothes wet as they fall onto the wet floors because of narrow seating. Now you can sit down with your bag and your swimming gear and you have double the room to spread out and not have your dry clothes falling onto wet floors. Perfect solution to those wet area change rooms.

Change Rooms

The BAB double aluminium seat is not just for wet areas in pool change rooms but also the perfect seating solution for gym change rooms. Gym change rooms are always a busy place with completion for seating and space for your gear as you get ready for workout or when you are finished and need to spread out as you get changed. Our double aluminium seats are the perfect size at approximately 500mm wide allowing loads of room for you, your gear and your mates.

Two Way

Whether its a bowling club , a train station, or a gym the two way ability of the double aluminium seat without the centre divider is perfect the open feel of a two sided seating solution. Your customers can sit either side, sit and store or just spread out in ease with the BAB aluminium double seat.

Long Lasting

As with all of our aluminium seating products our double aluminium seat is long lasting and very easily maintained and comes with a 20 year warranty.


Available in Bolt Down, Free standing and Concrete-In our seats come in a various lengths from 1metre to 6 metres and custom lengths are also available on request.